Blue Mountain Property Owners Association

A Mountain Home


Created in the late 1950’s as a vacation community for Washington D. C. residents, Blue Mountain has become a mix of summer residents and families establishing year-round homes.

The area is known for its scenic overlooks and seasonal wildflowers as well as a peaceful and serene mountain getaway.

The Subdivision is a Sanitary District in Warren County and is managed by an executive board elected by the property owners.

Road Conditions


Report hazardous road conditions directly to the BMPOA Roads Commitee. Click the button below. 

Fellow Members, Blue Mountain Property Owners’ Association


After more than a decade of efforts by our members, our association and the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) are attempting to reduce deadfall and other fireload from our subdivision by chipping.  The VDOF has determined that our subdivision continues to be an “Extreme” risk of a wildfire. 

Over the past several years, the invasive Emerald Ash Borer has killed almost all of the Ash trees in the region, including well over a thousand within the 900+ acres of our subdivision. These dead trees will be adding to the fuel load in the coming years. 

This growing awareness has led the VDOF to recommend as well as fund the preparation and distribution of this Emergency Evacuation Plan. The VDOF, Warren County Fire and Rescue and the Blue Mountain Executive Board is supportive of and has participated in its production. 

A copy is being mailed to all property owners on Warren County records as of 1 Oct 2019. If you own multiple dwellings you will be receiving multiple copies for you to provide to your tenants as well as to pass on to future owners. Additional copies will soon be available for downloading from our website at: WWW.BMPOA.ORG. 

It is not a matter of whether our subdivision will someday experience a wildfire, it is a matter of when. 

Please take this subject seriously and read, understand, and follow the recommendations presented herein. 

It could save your property and lives. 

BMPOA Firewise Board